Intro to Scientific Research


This isn’t just any old food blog… in fact, don’t call it a “blog” because that’s not hip. Lab Notes are written by the retail scientists here at Science. We’re diving deep into the world food and beverage and how it relates to what we do. From hot dog shacks and tamale guys, to specialty coffee and signature cocktails (or Malort if that’s your thing). But it’s not just about having a tasty product, there’s so much more that goes into a great business. Everyone’s trying to do something new and innovative. Sometimes that involves new technologies...or lack thereof.

We’re just a couple of IT guys and gals who get excited about new businesses and retail trends. It’s the reason we dedicate our skills to the food/beverage/hospitality industry. So we decided to write some things about it.

Since our team of Scientists is primarily located in Chicago, we’ll start with what we know best: the city where you can’t walk 100 yards without finding a hot dog, taco or tamale. It’s a city of foodies and we’re over here plugging things in and turning things on so we can keep eating and drinking the best of the best.


Luisa Castellanos

IT Support for Retail & Hospitality