What is Science?

Your on-demand IT support team. We manage all of your IT related services so you can focus on best serving your customers. No more long wait times calling tech support. Just call one number and let us take care of the rest.

How am I billed?

Choose from a-la-carte project fees, hourly support, or call us when you need us with our 24/7 our monthly support option. We bill per location, per month, based on how much you need us.

Can I continue using my existing service providers?

Yes! If you’re happy with your services and don’t want to change we are happy to work with what you’ve got. Science is software agnostic, we have no preferences to what service providers you choose - although we may try to sway you if we think it will make your life easier. 

What cities do you work in?

Right now we have our feet on the ground in Chicago and in some cases Los Angeles. We are available via phone and email from anywhere in the US. On-site support is available nation-wide with added travel fees.