Technology Consulting & Support for Independent Retailers

Science knows technology and retail and is ready to help you.  Expertise includes guest wifi, point of sale, audio, video surveillance, PCI Compliance, and more.



The owners of Brewpoint Coffee opened shop in the Chicago suburb of Elmhurst ready to stir things up. With drinks named after famous explorers and a strong sense of community, their focus was on expanding the horizons for the everyday coffee drinker. The husband and wife duo and their handful of staff members found themselves looking to explore alternatives to their current technology systems. Thats where Science came in.

Our lead scientist, Luisa is an Elmhurst local with experience working with a number of small businesses in town. So of course, it was a job that Science could not turn down. As most of our cases are project based, we understood that there may be a variety of technology solutions that would need to be investigated.

Network Connectivity

One major concern for the business was creating a private network for running daily operations along with a public guest network. After taking a look at the shop's current network set up, Science proposed an update to their current hardware. 

Security System UPGRADE

The shop was also ready to update to their current security system. A business processing a large number of orders per day must be prepared for any and all security breaches, be it internal or external. Science explored a number of camera and storage options including budget options.

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