BLair's restaurant // The Pottery Studio

Los Angeles, CAlifornia

In the summer of 2017, the owners of Blair’s Restaurant in Los Angeles were looking to spruce up their existing websites. What sets them apart from other restaurant owners is that they also run a pottery studio which sources all of their serving dishes. After a road trip to visit the Pottery Studio and new restaurant construction, Luisa Castellanos, Science co-founder and web designer was able to get a proper feel for these locations in preparation for building their new websites.

The Pottery Studio website was ready for a revamp and their new and existing restaurant needed a more fully featured site as well. The plan was to use Squarespace to host multiple websites all under the same platform. A simple, intuitive platform that any member of their team would be able make changes to once the sites were built.


The newly designed Pottery Studio website would need the ability to fulfill online orders with ease. Not only should a website be easy for customers to use, but for the business owners to manage these orders. The site would take payment for the sale of ceramic pieces, class registrations and gift cards. Squarespace offers e-commerce options for businesses of all sizes. So when the business grows, their website can grow with it. The studio's continuously sold out classes are now managed through the new site. The new site also provides analytics on which of their ceramics are best sellers so they can continue to improve sales.

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In addition to The Pottery Studio, a new restaurant was underway. Through the new website customers would be able to seamlessly place food orders online. With the integration of Chow Now on the new Squarespace website, online ordering could be done directly through their own website and reduce the fees often charged through other online ordering platforms.


One year after both new sites were launched, the owners of Blair’s Restaurant merged their restaurants into a single brand, Blair’s Restaurant became two locations under one name. The new restaurant website became the main source of information for both locations. A new landing page was created to lead customers to each location. And with the integration of Chow Now on the new website, customers could now place an online order for either location.

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The success of the original Pottery Studio location lead to the opening of a second location in the Cypress Park neighborhood. The new location would host their Intermediate Classes allowing the studio to expand on their sold out classes. The new location was added to the home page of so that students could immediately select which location to sign up for classes.

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happily ever After

With every Science website project the goal is to build a site that is not only easy for customers to use, but the business owners too. Everyone knows the classic horror story of a lost website login or endless code language that is impossible to fix without a computer science degree. We want our customers to be in control of their website. Of course, that doesn't mean we hangup the phone once the website is built. We're always a phone call, email or text away from handling any website emergency. 


“Blair’s and The Pottery Studio websites would not be up and running if it weren’t the assertiveness and expertise of Luisa Castellanos. She responds quickly with solutions and most of all she cares.”

- Jacqueline Masloff-Carlos